Google is working on bringing the ” Dark Mode ” for users of Google Chrome on smart phones also

Google Chrome for android

Frequency since the period that the company Google is working on the development of night mode ” Dark Mode ” to copy windows and Mac from Google Chrome. Now, it turns out that Google is doing the same thing with the browser Google Chrome for mobile devices as well. Include the beta version of the browser Google Chrome 73 for Android night mode ” Dark Mode ” which indicates that it will be launching this feature with the final version of this browser for mobile devices in the future.

The report states that night mode ” Dark Mode ” in the beta version of the browser Google Chrome 73 on Android is still in the very early stages of the development process currently. It will be those who use this beta version latest browser that this situation exists only in the case if they continued to click on a link or image, that also just in case if you change the settings to put the ” Dark Mode ” of the original system in Android 9 Pie to Always On.

There are some aesthetic problems that need to be addressed as well. It is important to mention here that the features that appear in the trial version doesn’t make it all the way to the official version of the browser. However, the reality is the night ” Dark Mode ” is a feature required by users and is a feature most users can.

When I started testing the night mode ” Dark Mode ” to copy my windows and Mac from your browser Google Chrome, it seems that the company Google eventually realized that we must bring this situation to the users browser by famous on mobile devices as well.


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