Google is working on its own gaming streaming service Yeti

In the network appeared the information that the search giant for the past two years developing its own gaming streaming service called Yeti.

As reported by The Information, the new service will work with either digital player Chromecast, or with a special console that can also is in development. Game streaming service will function similar to PlayStation Now or NVIDIA GeForce Now, so you don’t need to download games – they will be streamed from the Google server.

It was assumed that the service will be announced in the last year, but still there is no official information. In addition, it is unclear whether this is a platform for streaming Android games or more serious projects.

The project is headed Yeti two top managers in charge of various “iron” development — Vice President of product management Mario Kairos (Mario Queiroz). Bakar (Majd Bakar), Vice President, engineering. The latter, for example, participated in the presentation of the new smartphones Pixel last fall.

When to wait for the streaming platform is not yet known.

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