Google is working on the launch of the phones pixel of the medium category soon

Uncover a new source that Google Inc. is working to develop phones pixels new category of mid-range, the feature phones category is expected with the technical specifications available and also the price of gas is high which fit all users and specific developing markets.

So far not announced any technical specifications or information about the next phone, but Google talked about the advent of her new, first in the Indian market as part of the first batch of Google Hardware-oriented to the state of India. Includes payment to the following also provide Pixelbook and Google Home, Google Home Mini to the developing market in India.

This he did not mention the news source whether the expected launch of the new phone in other countries or not, but he said that Google will start selling the new phone the beginning of August max any only a few months before the arrival of the telephone device-pixel 3 “Pixel 3” flagship.

Was phones Google pixels has begun to prove its existence as one of the most important brands in the smartphone market over the past two years, but remained the company’s commitment to geographic locations of a few of the biggest impediments to the growth of the market. For example, a device such as a Pixel 2 XL flagship is only sold in eight countries around the world, unlike the Samsung this year Galaxy S9 is available in 110 countries around the world.

So it is useful to hear that Google is considering expanding production line phones pixels to more countries (even if it’s just one country). Because the distribution of phones is currently one of the biggest weaknesses of Google Hardware, and if she wanted to Google the right development in the smartphone market, they will have to provide much better performance than the eggs in only eight countries.

Recall that Google had offered the newly my device Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 2 at the price of 649$, and $ 849, respectively, in a move to reduce the price of last year’s models. phones.

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