Google is working on the mode ” Low Light Mode ” in the application of video chats Google Duo

Google Duo

Google Duo is the application of video chats from Google, but given that video chats can be done in any place and at any time, it may be quality, sometimes low, especially if it is a conversation video in a low light environment. Of course, it comes with the camera allow some lenses to pass more light, but the software plays an important role also.

In an attempt to improve the quality of video chats on the Google Duo, figured out based on the site 9to5Google that there is some evidence that Google is working on a new feature in the Google Duo for environments of low lighting. There is some code which refers to the mode ” Low Light Mode ” for the app, but despite of that there is what confirms the role of this feature, it is not difficult to guess the purpose behind the creation of this feature.

In addition to setting Low Light Mode, revealed the process of dismantling the latest version of the Google Duo that the application will get it on Night Mode and Dark Mode in the future, which is not surprising given that the Google apps have been updated slowly over the years to add the night mode Dark Mode for those applications. There is no information about the time in which the implementation of these changes, because we know all it’s features are still under work, but we will continue to watch the situation to get more information relating to launch.


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