Google Keep track of all your purchases on the internet

It turns out that Google are creating a list maintained by the all your online purchases, thanks to the confirmation messages e-mail that is sent to your Gmail account, where can users click on this page for a list of purchases, the possible years ago.

The information that appears by the page include the name of product, date of purchase in addition to price and delivery address and details about what if you are already shipping or cancel the transaction, and tell Google that this page shows only the procurement, indicating that they protect the user’s privacy and security.

Although Google determine how to delete this details and information on purchases in the 3 steps, but the process took me a little more, where you need to move to a confirmation message first.

You google it related purchases also through the services of their services like Store Google Play and also the digital assistant, and a spokesman for the company that this page aims to help people to view and keep track of their purchases and their bookings and extract.

Google IT related purchases through applications using Google services such as Google Express and Google Play Store, as well as through Google.

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