Google Keep track of all your purchases online and see for yourself

The report revealed that the search giant Google keeps track of all purchases to users across the internet, and sometimes those that experience it on the ground, and puts its name and and in a special section in each user’s account.

I don’t know when exactly I began to Google this tracking users, but some reported that it had reviewed his account appeared no purchases until 2012 which is the date of the founding of their accounts, meaning if you have an account older it is likely to find purchases old and no longer remember is name have Google.

We are talking here not only about your purchases from stores Google electronic, and even stores suitable such as Amazon if you have to use the login account Google. Such a great quantity of data is correct and reliable can benefit Google a lot of things, whether through targeted advertising or provide it to third parties or conducting research on them.

For its part did not ease Google this, but made it clear that a special section can’t anyone else see it shows all of your purchases across the network of both products in real or digital or services such as flight bookings and hotels.

Confirmed Google they do not use that information to target users in ads, including information to show in the receipts confirmation of payment received via email Gmail.

She added that to the user the freedom to delete that information at any moment.

Finally, if you want to know what you know Google Shopping You Digital, Look here.

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