Google keeps track of the things you buy online

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We bought all the stuff online before, but it looks like you even if you didn’t buy it directly from Google or through Google, it seems that the company is well aware of the things you buy over the internet. This is thanks to the use of digital receipts, which are usually sent to your email address. If you use Gmail, this is the way that the company is tracking you.

This in fact is not new and is highlighted only when the detection report from CNBC for having a page in your Google account called “purchases”. You can take a look at it here where you can by over the life of your Google account to track your purchases from the day you create your account. In the case of CNBC, they found the menu include things that have been purchased since 2013.

Defended Google Inc. since on this page, in a statement made to CNBC, where he said a spokesman for the company : ” to help you view and track your purchases and book and cable easily in one place, we have created a special destination no one can see it only you. You can delete this information at any time. Do not use any information from Gmail messages your display ads to you, including email receipts and confirmations that appear on the purchase page to Purchase “.

Unfortunately, as he discovered the site of CNBC, the attempt to delete the record of the purchase also means the deletion of electronic messages, which is undesirable in some cases because some users may want to keep copies of electronic messages for future reference.


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