Google Keyboard allows you to create sets of stickers based on your selfie

In the latest version of “Google Keyboard” the developers added though not entirely useful, but quite fun opportunity to create their own stickers.

The chip is not new, since something similar is already there, for example, in some smartphones Samsung or Apple products. The owners of the other devices you had to download a third party application to do this “badly needed”.

Now the user can do with the capabilities of the Google services. Thanks to the machine learning and the special algorithms, the app detects the face in the frame, trying to highlight some unique features. Then given several options of stickers, such as “Bold” or “Cute” mini-avatars.

They can adjust for themselves, changing hair, eyes, eyebrows, nose and so on. And everything seems fine, but the result is very strange. If the “Cute” avatars and no special question, the “Bold” look like ultra low budget and terrible cartoons.

But there is a to each his own, so if you like like, you just need to update the app Google Keyboard to version 7.5.6 or to wait when the update will come to you automatically.

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