Google launched a new feature that will help to get rid of negative news

We discussed Google quite often as a company that is too closely monitoring their users, but this is only a small part of what makes the guys from Google. The company is really making the world a better place, another function of proof.

Google launched a new team, you can ask the Assistant:

Okay Google, look forward to something.

In response to the command Assistant displays a list of positive news. We all used to read on the Internet is mainly negative information. Somewhere, an explosion occurred, fell shares of Apple (although this is positive information), somewhere killed someone. A lot of negativity and the media loves this kind of information, because it gives the greatest return.

But the negative leads to the fact that the users will have mental problems, they start to think about how bad and depressed. No wonder adults prefer not to read news because they usually are negative.

The less you know — sleep tight

Google will correct the situation. Now users can use this command, you’ll be able to only positive news. Thus, the company wants to balance the flow of information so that users did not think about that tomorrow the world will end.

Currently, the function in test mode launched in the USA, later it will be available to Russian users.

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