Google launched a subscription service for games and apps Play Pass

Today is difficult to surprise someone with a subscription. If the earlier model of regular payments for access to content was characteristic only for some magazines and Newspapers, today the subscription can be bought on everything from music and movies to apps and games. In the result, the subscription services have become almost the most lucrative form of business, to neglect which would not even held quite a companies like Apple and Google, first dared to trade subscriptions to music and then games.

Play Pass — similar to Apple’s own Arcade from Google

Today, 23 September, Google launched a subscription service Play Pass, which gives access to more than 350 paid applications and games from Google Play. Until the platform is officially available only in the US, and therefore the subscription price is specified in us dollars only — $ 5 per month. To find in the bottom pane with tabs in Google Play on a par with “Games”, “Apps” and “Movies”.

Than Play Pass is different from Apple to Arcade

Unlike Apple, Arcade, Play Pass opens access not only to games, but apps available in Google Play at a fixed price. To some it will seem an advantage subscription service of Google, but I would prefer to see it as a not very successful attempt to look better against Apple. But the search giant is thought to remove from freemium games and apps in-app purchases, which plays the service on hand.

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In addition, Play Pass no exclusive apps or games, of which, indeed, is the Apple Arcade. This means that, most likely, Google will be uninteresting to experienced users that for years Android has got all the necessary set of software. As a consequence, the majority of those who sign up will do so only in order to look at the still unfamiliar game, and then will refuse its renewal, because you will understand that it is much cheaper to buy any race or strategy than to pay for it on a regular basis.

Is it worth it to sign up for Play Pass

Games from the Google Play Pass

However, not all so bad. Some ideas that Google has implemented in the Play Pass, it would be useful to learn from Apple. First, the Play Pass will be available to users of devices on Android all versions starting from 4.4. Thus, Google has expanded the scope of potential users dozens of times, while Apple made Apple Arcade the privilege only to owners of iOS devices 13, tvOS 13, iPadOS 13.1 and macOS 10.15. Second, Google has offered to all interested persons until October 10 to issue an annual subscription to Play Pass for the price of $ 24, while in Cupertino decided to charge users the full cost.

Although these arguments can be found counterarguments. In the end, to iOS 13, probably a month later will be updated from 60 to 80% of users, and buyers of new Apple devices and all will have access to Apple Arcade for free for a year.

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Subscribe if I Play Pass? Probably not. Of course, I will test the service for a trial 10 days and then make a final decision, but now I can say that me in it does not attract anything. In the end, all the apps I need I already have, and a couple of games for bedside gaming time in six months I could buy. In the end it will be multiples cheaper than if I had designed the permanent loan.

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