Google launched in Russia the subscription on YouTube Premium with 50% discount for students

Despite the fact that several years ago most users of Russia license of the content was quite close, over time, many came to not only to buy digital goods, but even to apply for a paid subscription. In many respects it was affected by preferential prices, which the company began to sell subscriptions to their services. However, for some users, mostly for students — 200 rubles, was too high a price for unlimited access to music, which led to the emergence of the student subscription at 50% discount.

Starting today, Google introduces in Russia and some other countries the opportunity to subscribe to YouTube Music and YouTube Premium at the price of 95 and 125 rubles per month, respectively. It does not have to create a separate account and to the student’s email because Google has implemented the most simple and convenient way to confirm the student status.

How to obtain a student subscription to YouTube

  • To obtain a student membership, go to the relevant section of YouTube Music or YouTube Premium;
  • Hit the “Make student subscription”;
  • In the opened window, enter your information and choose the school where you are studying;
  • On the next page, add a scan or photo of your student or transcript;
  • Wait for verification and pay a subscription at a discounted price.

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Registration is valid for four years, but to confirm the student status will have annually. So, if you for some reason lose it, be prepared to pay for a subscription will be full price. And you already signed up? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

It is important to understand that qualify for the discounted subscription can only students of full-time faculties and correspondence students and night-school students together with College students and schools left behind. In addition, those participating include all schools. However, if your University or Institute is not in the list available, you can write to support at [email protected]

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