Google launches a beautiful application for Android and iOS with a new design and improvements to the web version

قوقل تطلق تطبيق الجميل لأندرويد و iOS بتصميم جديد وتحسينات نسخة الويب

The company launched Google today designed to develop new assembly system Android and iOS which is consistent with the improvements and features that had been added to the web April 2018, the tanker trade phones in order to facilitate the access to the user through the use of techniques of machine learning and the new design which makes it easy to share attachments and photos and read messages without the need to open talks, as well as provides an alert in red in the case of the arrival of the suspicious messages or keep as facilitates the process of switching between the user’s personal account and calculate the work.

In comes this update to show the complete harmony in the Apps Package G Suit where the reality show is less impetus to free cutter cross the red horizontal line is typically where it became less thickness, as that icon to switch between accounts have been moved top right side to next to the search window that contains the icon of the side menu also.

It also presents the design of three new options to display the background of the box can be navigated in accordance with the wishes of the user, explained Google that the update will arrive gradually to Android users starting today, and then will march towards iOS in the next few weeks.

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