Google launches a new application that can decode the hieroglyphs


Communication is in different forms. These days, the written language is the way we communicate with each other mostly, but in the past, use people images to communicate with each other. One of the more methods of communication interesting history is the ancient Egyptian language has the Pharaohs.

As is the case with most languages, unless you speak the language, you won’t understand what is written. I have Google Now translator of this ancient language, lost the company recently launched a new tool called Fabricius have the ability to decode hieroglyphics using the technology of machine learning.

According to Google, it has stated by saying : ” Until now, the experts manually search in the book to translate the ancient language decoded, a process that has remained virtually unchanged for over a century. Includes the application of Fabricius, the first digital tool which was also provided as an open source to support more developments in the study of ancient languages, which you to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs based on machine learning “.

Coming to the app with some conditions, such as the learning mode which will give you a brief introduction about the hieroglyphics, and there will also be the operating mode, which allows users to create their own using hieroglyphics, but explained the company Google it is not necessarily accurate, but it is still a fun way to send messages to friends. If you are interested in checking out this app, go to the Google website on the web to get the details.

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