Google launches a special version in Europe, of Google Assistant

You might have read about the judicial sanctions imposed by the European Union on Google, and in compliance with the decision of the European Commission that prevents Google from bundling its own apps in the Android system, the company launched the application to help voice on Voice Action Services, can be considered equivalent to her assistant digital Google Assistant.

Recall that the European Commission has imposed on Google fine anti-monopoly worth $ 5 billion dollars, as a rule he is not entitled to Google attach Chrome web browser or the Google search engine to the sets of their applications that come with Android phones.

Under the new decision, without the application of Google will be the assistant digital Assistant available for devices that’s not stopping the maker of it to a separate licence agreement with Google. To solve this problem, the company launched the application by the new Voice Action Services of which there is only in-store play in Europe.

Although you may think at first glance that there is no difference between the Voice Action Services and Assistant, especially in regard to design and implementation of the basic tasks, however, the First does not allow you to search across the web. Means that the functions of the application proposals on the implementation of the commands of your device only, such as turn on and off Bluetooth, and add a date to the calendar, prepare the reminder.

It is noted that users can still in Europe download application of Google which is includes Assistant from the Play Store, it after the decision no longer comes built-in phones.

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