Google launches ability to browse Google Maps using augmented reality

Google Maps AR

Company owns Google all of Googla Maps, Google Street View, but the company has to integrate both services to form one service brings together the best of both worlds. And it was launched the possibility of development using augmented reality guides ‘ Local ” Local Guides“, and they are a group of people prepare reviews reliable within the platform of Google Maps. And the company Google that this feature need to be ” more testing ” before the launch of more users.

The application works very simple, when you open it, asking Google to look around you to get to the buildings surrounding you, and then you just follow the arrows. There are also neat waves to prevent you from landing the phone while walking; because the development and the phone is mounted towards the top may lead you to hit someone or something or the exposure of something even worse in the case if you walk in the street without looking around you.

Although the augmented reality feature designed for smartphones, but it would be more practical in the not too distant future when we use wearable devices such as the look of Google Glass. This way you will get information about restaurants and other interesting places to visit. And even then, this will be a fantastic feature that will help you to quickly cope in the city do not know her well.


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