Google launches add chrome to comments abusive

Launched speeding Jigsaw force to add a special browser Chrome relies on artificial intelligence to comment spam and abusive book and its appearance to the user.

Let me add Tune feature is that it provides several levels of “accept, disturb or offend” the right of expression, in mode, Zen mode, they will comment fully, there are low levels of other such as quiet and blaring that distinguish between different types of abuse such as sarcasm and direct insult.

Addition to open source the API Perspective that the team had to Counter Abuse Technology Google has developed in collaboration with the metronome Jigsaw and used it to major newspapers such as the New York Times and treacherous two to them in the Manage comments on their websites.

It is worth mentioning that the addendum is still in the experimental stage so may not be the results very accurate, and, of course, does not mean it is a definitive solution to get rid of all content of poisonous and harmful, it is a way to show the strength of the use of technology and artificial intelligence in the understanding of the offensive content and identify you and book it before it appears to the user.

Support the addendum is currently identified on the comments of the major sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and all the sites that use system management comments Disqus is available for download from the store add-ons Chrome.

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