Google launches add-on for Chrome to report suspicious websites

Offers Chrome Browser Protection more than 4 million devices (phone or computer) is different while browsing the web access to suspicious sites security, but the safe Surf feature is working only if Google know that the site what the risk of the user opening the of access, but what if you found out what position you think he’s suspicious for some reason? Google has a Add-On browser Chrome and for reporting those sites.

Launched Google add Suspicious Site Reporter to the Chrome browser on personal computers that the user can through its reporting on sites that may harm the user, such as the theft of his data would be presented the icon of the note of the Orange can click on them and check on some of the details of the site that is likely to be suspicious with having a button to report the site.

When notified of any position of the special team of Google will provide reporting, site testing and has been detected as suspicious or harmful to the user already, will add it to the list of the sites that are warning them.

Addendum to open source andavailable on github for developers and help to improve them.

Recall that Google began to know a new way to warn of suspicious websites in Chrome version 75.

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