Google launches beta version of new system Android Q

Launched the company Google today the beta version of the fifth Security Android Android Q with development updates gestures, where giant sea changes on the new way to gesture in Android Q.

The company has released the fourth beta version of the Android Q last month, where she finished some things like APIs, but now some major changes on the system development using the latest demo version.

Gave Google a nod to reach her assistant digital (Google Assistant), where users can now access the plugin by scrolling to the top of the bottom left or right corner.

Google says: it’s these changes in order to improve the development experience gesture control based on user comments.

The company is covered also the way through which they can access to the drawers of development applications to ensure that they do not conflict with a way to quick scroll back to the cell in system development and gesture.

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According to the company, the apps line the external are still experiencing problems, particularly with regard to stability and community, and works with system development and gesture the new.

Google said: the demo version of the previous transmitted automatically to system development, three buttons classic when users use the application as a third-party.

The Google has launched the first beta version of Android Q in the month of March, and for the third Test in the month of April, and the third pilot in the month of May, and the fourth beta in the month of June.

The company has issued during the past year five copies, the preview for developers (four trial versions), but Google plans this year to issue six copies a preview of the pilot developers, according to the schedule below:

  • March: the first beta version Beta 1 (initial release, the version of the demo).
  • April: a second beta version Beta 2 (update gradually, sound demo)
  • The month of May: second beta version Beta 3 (update gradually, demo version)
  • The month of June: fourth beta version Beta 4 (Application Programming Interfaces final and official SDK, demo version).
  • Beta fifth Beta 5 (release candidate for testing).
  • The trial version of the previous Beta 6 (release candidate for the final Test).
  • The second quarter of the current year: final version project Android open source AOSP ecosystem.

It is likely to reach the final version of the system Android Q in the month of August, and Google developers to make their apps compatible with Android Q so that the users can expect a smooth transition when you upgrade.

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