Google launches Chrome browser for the virtual reality Daydream VR

The company launched Google glasses virtual reality Daydream View that you need for a smartphone to for the first time with the first generation of phones Pixel in 2016, since then, the company is working on enhancing the benefits provided by the system control by bringing its services and its main applications.

And apps that were important to the system and is not available in the former, it is the web browser Chrome, but this has now changed, as the company announced on Monday about the availability of the application for a Daydream View.

Google confirmed in a post on her blog that all the advantages enjoyed by users of Chrome on the desktop available for virtual reality, including Voice Search, Safe Browsing, and save bookmarks.

The company added that the Chrome browser on a system of Dadydream View comes with its special feature, a film mode that allows watching videos in a manner commensurate with the virtual reality environment.

If when the system a Daydream View, all you have to do is update the application to Chrome on Android phone of yours to get all the new features, you can also download it if you have a system of virtual reality independent of the platform supports Daydream VR system such as a Mirage Solo from Lenovo.

What do you think about this step of Google? Do you see it useful? Let me know in the comments.

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