Google launches Doom Eternal on the platform of Stadia new to broadcast games

Google announced the first games that will be launched on the platform of the Stadia today, where he is scheduled to stop the game Doom Eternal combat 4k resolution at 60 frames per second.

DOOM Eternal

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Google offers the service of Stadia new to the idea of gaming platforms Ltd, where providing the service is a new cloud feature a different gaming experience without the need to install games or download them.

It is planned to be a game of shooting and fighting Doom Eternal first games that launches in the Google platform, which offers users 4K resolution with frame rates at 60 frames per second.

Also players can follow the videos to the games Stadia to YouTube and log in to your favorite games directly to try, and also to provide Google games exclusive to its new which will launch in a studio Google which was announced during the conference GDC today.


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