Google launches feature Ambient in the course of its smartphone more Android devices

Officially up put Ambient in Assistant Google more Android phones offers with features Display smart.

جوجل تُطلق ميزة Ambient في مساعدها الذكي على المزيد من أجهزة أندرويد

When Google filed for the first time a feature or put the Ambient in her assistant, it was limited to the smart screens, after it announced that the company specifically in its conference the previous IFA 2019 for mode support above phones and Android tablets, improving to something like Google’s Nest Hub when it is easy or shipped, as one water was limited to a few devices, and today it began to appear to more phones.

For its part, Google has done in meticulous detail how to put Ambient new smart phones, the idea is to make your phone more useful by allowing you to view Google images and play music and control your home appliances smart without unlocking the device, as well as offered overview of one of the events, calendars, reminders, notifications and more.

Anyway, now put Ambient officially available on Assistant Google without much fuss from the police, in this context, the company indicated that the Ambient will enter the currently limited number of devices operating issuing Android 8.0 most recent, and soon will be coming to Nokia phones share Sony and Transsion, in addition to the Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab and Lenovo Smart Tab M8 HD.

Finally, and what seems to be the trade custom for phones that do not have apps lock screen of its own, which may explain why lack of access to the devices Pixel camera and other brands, including Samsung devices.

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