Google launches feature of automatic deletion of records sites activities website

The company said Google on Wednesday: it started the launch of the feature of automatic deletion of records, geographic locations, activities, Web, and legacy applications, which are usually retained by each of the uses of its services.

The giant American technology has announced its intention to provide this feature early last May, after increasing claims, especially in the wake of the report revealed that the company maintains a massive database; contain accurate information about the geographical locations of hundreds of millions of devices.

Currently, users must always remember to do it themselves by deleting it manually, or disable them completely. But if the user decides to turn off Location History, or the activities of WIPO, it would affect his experience on Google, since the company can’t provide the best recommendations and results.

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In a tweet posted by Google account via its official Twitter, said: “he started firing controls automatic deletion of records sites on Android and iOS, making it easier for you to manage your data”.

Google explained that it can choose the time limit of the time that it’s where you keep a record of the locations and activities of the site, and can choose the time limit: 3 or 18 months, then any data older than the selected will be deleted from the account automatically and constantly.

Referred to Google’s announcement about its intention to release water in the month of May last came about a week after a letter sent by senior lawmakers to the CEO of Google, on the concerns raised by the recent report that the company maintains a massive database known as the “Crypt of the sensor” SensorVault, and accurate information on the geographic locations of hundreds of millions of devices.

Letter came after a report published by the newspaper “New York Times” in the month of last April, which revealed that the database included location information for each device running Android, and in some cases, the stored information dating back to 2009.

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