Google launches feature to help you save space in the Android devices

The company launched Google + a new feature within its own Application Store “Google Play” Google Play; the goal is to provide more space in the memory devices of portable users.

With the availability of a huge amount of applications and easily downloaded from the Google Play Store, many users find it easier to stockpile, and maybe down the apps don’t use them only once a week, or a month, or they then forget their share in the device space of the device memory.

To solve this problem, the new feature of Google to send push notifications to users to tell them to remove the installed applications that are not used heavily or they have not been used since a long time.

Show alerts in the notification drawer to notify users of the existence of applications installed in the device, but unused. It also includes a notice of clarification that the removal of these applications provides additional space on the device memory.

Clicking on the notification, it takes the user to a page containing a list of those unused apps within the Google Play Store. It includes all of the application information, such as: when was the last time you opened the app. Here you can choose one or more apps and then uninstall them, then the app store displays a summary of the amount of space that is emptied.

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This; they don’t know if it was a new feature available to all users all over the world, but it appeared in the Netherlands.

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