Google launches feature to translate menus and signage road in Lens

Started Company Google launch a new feature, that facilitate users to order food, and the banners of foreign languages, so all users of the service “Google let the” Google Lens on the system “iOS” and Android phones that support augmented reality platform “any R-Core” ARCore.

The American company has announced water during the opening session of the conference of the developers of the annual Google I/O 2019 in the May 8, together with other advantages is focused on bringing augmented reality technology to its search engine to Google.

Google said during the event: the service “Google visit” will study the possibility of knowing more of the dishes common, by directing the phone’s camera towards the menu in the restaurant, to the side to see the details of every dish on the menu with pictures.

The property of the soil that provides its service “Google visit”, it has become a label reading texts in the original language, the language translated to them, a feature that supports text translation for over 100 languages.

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Users can access the service “Google visit” by the smart assistant “Google see” Google Assistant, the service “Google Images” Google Photos, and apply the main search.

Separately, Google announced that the mechanism of indexing of internet pages, which give priority to support mobile devices, will become the default for all domains of WIPO, with effect from 1 July next.

The company had announced in late 2018 to indexing the table, that give priority to appear in search results for sites, which are designed taking into account the mobile devices, has become used for more than half of the web pages.

The Google has announced the direct indexing, which give priority for mobile devices first time in 2016, and December 2017, the company began the launch of the mechanism for indexing new for a small group of sites.


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