Google launches fitness Google Fit a new look and advantages of a task

We said days ago that Google Inc.; after years of focus on the artificial intelligence, I began to expect about health and fitness, it appeared to work on the development of the intelligent assistant for health and fitness named Google Coach. And now the company announced a new version of the application to the fitness of its Google Fit.

Google said in a post on her blog that she had worked with the American Heart Association AHA and the World Health Organization WHO understand the science behind physical activity and to help you get the quantity and intensity necessary to improve your health.

The company added that the Service, Google Fit, new centric goal activity simple and intelligent based on the recommendations of the AHA and the WHO for activities which affect health, the goals are: Move Minutes, and Heart Points.

Helps target the first Move Minutes to encourage users to craft more and sit less, another objective of the Heart Points, they are counter points increase with exercise activities that increase the heart rate, which have enormous benefits on health.

Google said the new changes will appear to users of Google Fit on the smart phones working with Android Smart watches operating system Wear OS as of the current week.

Do you use a Service Google Fit in? We shared your experience in the comments.

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