Google launches “heroes of the internet” for the children to help them explore the internet safely

قوقل تطلق برنامج "أبطال الإنترنت" للأطفال لمساعدتهم على استكشاف الإنترنت بأمان

Announced Google today at the launch of the programme children “heroes of the internet”, which aims to help them to explore the web safely and confidently, as the program offers interactively the basics of digital safety for children, teachers and parents to help them make decisions smarter.

Platform focuses “heroes of the internet” mainly on the 5 Principles help children in sailing with the online world safely, and teach them to use the network intelligently, careful, confidence, kindness, and courage.

Besides those basics, the organization offers the game “online world” to help avoid fraud and deception, as well as the development website, in addition to learning the basics of privacy and maintain a digital reputation and the importance of reporting the content inappropriate, and all this through fun adventures within the game.

أبطال الإنترنت

Has Google developed this program in cooperation with the competent institutions for protection and cyber security such as the global enterprise and non-profit Family Online Safety Institute, and the iKeepSafe, and the non-profit ConnectSafely.

Tariq Abdullah, regional director of marketing at Google Middle East and North Africa, said: “We believe in the role of technology in unleashing creativity and provide opportunities even for the kids. But at the same time, children should be fully briefed on the ways of safe use of the internet to be able to enjoy the opportunities that allows them to communicate in the digital age “. Added Abdullah, “we want that all children are able to protect their personal information online, avoiding inappropriate content, attempts at phishing, and they are on a journey to explore the world of the internet. Will allow our new program to provide teachers and parents with references applicable to teach the basics of digital citizenship and the safe use of the internet in the framework of an enjoyable experience and Exceptional Children of the Arab world.”

The company says that the results of their questionnaire with a number of teachers in the Arab world reported that the majority of them with the importance of starting to teach e-safety for children in homes and schools. For its part, the 98% of teachers believe that the topic of cyber-safety should be an essential part in the curriculum. As reported by 1 out of 3 teachers on the passage of at least one incident related to the security electronic in the school (such as sharing personal information or cyberbullying). In addition to that %84 of the teacher more about that they don’t have the references necessary to teach students the basics of cyber-safety.

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