Google launches its application independent tasks Google Tasks

Google application new manage tasks Google Tasks is associated with leadership in a re-design of the main service e-mail Gmail.

Likely to be the creation of a list of functions one of the most important functions of a basic smartphone that one can imagine, in case you are users of Android or iOS who were hoping that Google releases the application of ad hoc tasks, the wait is over, as Google announced the application of its new independent tasks named Google Tasks.

This application is associated with the measure in a re-design of the main service e-mail Gmail, so that comes to the app design is very simple and straightforward with the presence of a large white space and lists clearly displayed as much as possible of clarity, although it doesn’t seem like resemble the application of management tasks to other full-featured, but may be this is the actual target.

Speaking of Google Tasks, it is a confirmation from Google Inc on its capacity in relation to the launch of the applications working on various platforms and common services, in other words users can manage tasks created in Gmail or Google Calendar on the web through a new mobile app.

Also integrated the possibility to create a task directly within Gmail with the email service on the design of the just from Google, and can users on the web view in the interface the side panel of the new for this application, at the same time, is linked to important email the original discovery of the rapid.

And similar to any application, Task Manager, Google Tasks gives you the ability to create specific lists, and then view tasks, edit and manage, you can manage them through the user interface supporting the operations of drag-and-drop, and other features include the ability to add details and sub-tasks, as well as the due dates with a reminder notice, and the ability to organize tasks by date or manually.

There are many other features like sync, so you can sync tasks across devices for easy access from anywhere, and when you make a modify, add, or delete any task, the changes will be present on any other device moving them from the task list, where you can create new tasks via Gmail and provide Google also.

You can experience the new app which is part of the G Suite starting from today for Android users by downloading it from the Google Play Store at the following link: Click here.


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