Google launches name android 10 on the latest versions of the operating system of their smart phones

جوجل تطلق اسم أندرويد 10 على أخر إصدارات نظام تشغيل الأندرويد

Finally Google unveiled the official name for the proportion landed the last and launched it Android 10, Yeah that is the name simply does not further the names of the sugar or candy pieces.

Where the company revealed Google for a new name via her blog official explained that this registry May came in line with its view and reviews of users, as reported by them that users didn’t understand exactly the meanings of the names of the former let the system guide her.

It also noted that this settlement will open new horizons for developing the system and update the Access, with clarification of current registration in a clearer way about the later versions, in light of the fact that the names of the former was called the castle things on the users computers landed in different regions of the world, different cultures and meanings of words and delivery alphabetical pronunciation of the letters in their languages different.

In addition the new approach in the naming of the versions of the landed followed by the police in this version, the also add adjustments to the emblem system, where you replace the green color the user in writing the name in black, to keep it as a sign of the strengthening of women actually night maybe, with imparting modifications on the type of font used and add effects for robot Android famous.



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