Google launches new centre to spread the news on Google News

جوجل تطلق مركز جديد لنشر الاخبار على تطبيق Google NewsGoogle launches new centre to spread the news on Google News

Google launches new centre to spread the news on Google News if you use the center News the new entry for the instrument new and activate it

Announced Google the end of last week about the launch of the Centre for the new spread the news, which is the interface that allows publishers to send the management and investment of their content in Google News and Google News and other Google products .

Destroy the publishing center of the new tools the case of two, the news publisher Center Google producer Google News .

Police said the American Center for publishing new works on improving the user experience and functions, thereby reducing the time consumed by the management of the brand to content of declarations and on Google News .

Google News

For companies with publications on quality, facilitate new interface also Development and development between each property, where you make the permissions settings enhanced cooperation more flexible.

Applies Center the publishers of the new Google News and news on Search News on Assistant Google Digital, but does not apply to the news feed.

Publishers can now use URLs to sections of their own websites instead of an RSS feed to create sections in Google News .

If you have a source in the news publisher Center Google the old or the version in the tool Forum News Google previous, you need to show your organization is published, you (your posts) in the center of the new publisher.

The publisher Center is now available in English, Spanish, French and German, with more languages planned in the future.

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