Google launches plan for space cloud a great and discounted prices Google One

قوقل تطلق خطة لمساحات سحابية كبيرة وأسعار مخفضة في Google One

Re Google classifying spaces storage classes and different prices in the platform cloud service of their own Google Drive under the name Google One, the new plan greater distances and reduced rates, so that give users greater freedom of choice.

Began to price list for specifications of the new spaces under the canopy of the cloud Google One, similar price and standard in Google Drive, so that 100 GB of additional space per month, the cost of 1.99$, only that it appeared variation in the package of the new space 200 GB at the price of 2.99$ per month, to upgrade the space to 2 terabytes per month will prompt the user to 9.99$.

Which is a massive reduction of prices of the Service Google Cloud excursion. While the prices of space over 2 terabytes not going anywhere, and it seems that the company would like to adopt the in the line again, but there’s no evidence of that for a moment.

Provides Google is also a great feature in its offer that, where the user can see His that he bought with 5 members of his family, no longer have the State for each individual separately, and can replace the family members and friends such as, God won’t check the email anti-his being a relative or friend if at all.

And apparently Google don’t want to solely named Google One-time-only on Google Drive, The it for beauty and health.

And in the space of competition in the cloud services, it seems difference price evident between what is provided by Google today and other companies like Microsoft or Dropbox, even iCloud, stand the options available to the user the reason both outweigh Google.

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