Google launches program to bring Assistant who does not have an internet connection

Google launches program to bring Assistant who does not have an internet connection

The company launched Google, a new program allows users who do not have an internet connection using their digital (Google and see) Google Assistant, in order to provide service to the largest possible number of users around the world.

With the assistant of Google Digital a few years ago smart phones, and tablet computers, amplifiers, smart, and earlier this year, the company signed a partnership with the operating system KaiOS bring (Google set) to traditional phones. Now the company began a new step to provide the service for each user, even if he didn’t have an internet connection.

Will be the beginning of the program, Google India, in a special event hosted by police in the capital New Delhi, Google announced the telephone line around the clock can anyone in India have in common company Vodafone call this number to find his assistant Google Digital.

Google said: it’s tested the phone line with thousands of users in the cities of Lucknow, Kanpur before putting it in the public domain. With reference to contact with the plugin Google Digital will be free.

It is indicated that technology companies see in India – a population of about 1.4 million people – a chance to attract more users, especially that more than half of the population of the state does not have an internet connection, and that the company announcement Amazon on Wednesday about add Indian languages to the language that is understood by the assistant of the digital Alexa, Google was already the Amazon in support of Hindi language.

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Revealed Google also about a new feature in the assistant digital bass (upgrade mode) that provides users with a mechanism for interpretation between the various language. And start going to be the language both Hindi and English, will launch in the coming months.

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