Google launches rcs service new messages Android

rcs is a new service messages to Android from Google

Google announced its intention to assist in fostering the next generation of technology SMS, labeled a test of the RCS, or the messaging service rich for Android users in some countries during the coming months, it came in light of the continued sluggish adoption of this technology all over the world.

With the willingness of Google to take over the reins herself, the giant sea going Services of RCS for Android users in the United Kingdom and France later in the month of June, which gives users the option to sign up through the Messages application in the region.

I took a Google on the shoulders of her over the past two years the task of helping telecommunications companies to develop the next generation of SMS .

And need service to work to decide each individual operator communications interoperability and compatible devices, but policies, rules and telecommunications companies have made progress in the matter of adopting the RCS has been slow.

Will be able to users of the Android platform in the United Kingdom and France to participate in the use of services RCS provided by Google directly, instead of waiting for the support of company communication, which is often slow and requires updates.

Adds the new generation RCS features such as group chat; and sharing photos, videos, and high accuracy; send the large file size; and receipts reading; notifications and writing, along with the ability to send messages over the wireless network, and mobile data, and other nurses.

Instead of relying on a central server – as is the case with the iMessage application from Apple – the messaging app Android send queries to each participant in a chat; to know the presence of support has the service of RCS.

And Google pass messages across its servers with deleted once delivered, so this is a decentralized approach, does not require support from network operator.

And still your pressure points with RCS present, as it is not encrypted in full, so spam can read the messages, it is also linked to the phone number like a normal texting, which limits the ability to chat from devices other than the phone, on the pattern of iMessage.

As there is no central database to see who uses the service and how, and Google when dealing with RCS to keep your files attached temporarily, in addition to the data, such as phone number and IMSI.

The company said: she’s committed to finding a solution to chat secure, but not have a time schedule to bring the technology to chat to the other countries.

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