Google launches “skills” to develop digital skills in the Arab world

Announced Google today announced the launch of the initiative “skills of Google”, a free program in Arabic aims to build the digital skills of individuals.

And this initiative is at the core of efforts to help individuals in the Middle East and North Africa on progress in their career and develop their business.

The program is based on a set of training sessions, direct and electronic equipment in order to provide lessons, tools, courses and training for digital skills in students, teachers, and owners of companies and job-seekers.

Platform provides available on the internet 100 a lesson about the 26 key topic in the field of digital marketing, including marketing on the search engine and social media marketing through videos, e-commerce and target customers by their geographic location and analysis advertising and other topics.

And Google to the trainees a certificate after completion of the program, which takes about 9 hours.

As the company has signed the Google agreement with the foundation of Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz charity, “the home of charity”, which will provide training to more than 100 thousand students in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Will be efforts to ensure the participation of women in training programmes increased by 50%, as part of efforts to increase women’s contribution in the economy of the region.

Besides, the company announced Google during the launch ceremony of the initiative to, a section on charity work in the company, will be million dollars to the foundation of the regional non-profit, injaz Al-Arab, for the training of 100 thousand students in 14 countries of the Middle East and North Africa with a particular focus on young students in rural areas and need.

According to research issued by the World Economic Forum last year, will require one post out of 5 jobs in the Arab world, the skills of digital is available today on a large scale.

On the other hand, 51% of youth unemployment are obsessed with their first, and 38% of them just to help their school provide them with the necessary skills to engage in the labour market .

The Middle East and North Africa 30 million women are educated, working-age and able to use the internet, representing the largest economic opportunity in the region today. Besides, women represent more than 50% of university graduates, but women do not help in the labour market only increased by 25%.

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