Google launches social network new

Google didn’t give up on a social network, and now launched a new app for social media called the Shoelace which aims to organize events and local activities. You can use the app by listing your interests, allowing him to recommend a series of local activities which may be suitable for you, you can also organize your events.

Comes the application of social media Shoelace a few months after the closure of the Google Network Social Google Plus, which is attempting the most prominent in the field of social media. And instead of trying to create a social network comprehensive new to rival Facebook and Twitter, it seems that Google has ambitions more connected through the Shoelace.

Application Shoelace come relax by the remarkable لـSchemer, which is another application for organizing events from Google was launched in 2011, like other apps Google, closed after only 3 years in 2014.

Shoelace is currently available by invitation to users in the city of New York American only at the moment on Android and iOS, and you can fill out this form if you are interested in participating and are available in New York. So you must have an account with Google to log in, and the company says it hopes to expand to more states throughout the United States.

Source: Shoelace

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