Google launches system update Chrome 69 adds new features

قوقل تطلق تحديث نظام كروم 69 وتضيف ميزات جديدة

Launched Google earlier update Chrome 69 desktop systems , followed by updates to the Android system, adding a number of features and improvements the new design, to complement the safety update announced Google that Chrome 69 is now available on the stable channel for updates Stable, which of course are fully vetted team Chrome to avoid any programming errors may be encountered by the user.

According to the city, the Chrome 69 updated most of the devices running Chrome “Chrome OS” and the security updates have been fixed many errors of the software simple also, as well as to enjoy its numerous advantages and features of the new, and things interesting. the style of tools and new design for Chrome which changed in the general appearance of the browser.

And update many features such as updated application to explore files in the user interface and support access to develop the media files (Play Store app), save the last directly in the application Files (Files app), one of the most important characteristics of the new support for Linux, which allows developers to run the tools and applications of Linux in a window in the browser.

In addition to the new support Chrome 69 sex, new update to your devices, Chrome OS, owns a property of Light, Night (Light Night), where this feature works to reduce the eye strain by controlling the degree of the power of color, where there is a schedule automatically synchronized with the time of sunrise and sunset, in addition to being the user can control color temperature according to the wishes and needs.

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