Google launches three new apps to help reduce your use of your phone

Allowed Google today announced three new apps on the Android platform, and its intervention in the field of luxury and digital.

I have Google many applications and services help reduce the time you use your phone, for example, there’s an app shelves and digital, and focus to turn off applications that you find in common, as well as the recently launched and specifically in October last year 6 applications in this regard, and now Company continues this trend by announcing 3 new apps in the same folder.

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First application: Envelope

This app is currently available only for phones Google Pixel 3A, and his company as “a demo app that turns your phone temporarily to a simpler and calmer, which helps you to take a break away from your digital world”, and to start the application, you can print a PDF special offers for you and then the ventricles in the form of an envelope “of the name of the application”, and then you close your phone inside and use it through the paper, with the possibility of access to the communication interface and the camera only, therefore, the application exchange direct you towards setting “Do Not Disturb” To this method.

By the way, this app is open source, Google has set all and on GitHub, so it will be interesting to see if it will succeed to something greater, as well, the app is available to download for free and in full, you can download it from the App Store from the bottom, or simply via file the APK from here.

Download the application Envelope on the Android platform.

The second App: Activity Bubbles

Activity Bubbles have a concept very clever, where every time you unlock your phone, you wallpaper the screen creates a bubble, the longer the duration of you being on your phone during that period not insured, you will become the biggest bubble, and once you lock your phone again, will stop that bubble from growing, and start the process all over again, and by the end of the day, you must have the bubble pattern abstract and fascinating as the background of the company, thus the idea of the app is fairly straightforward, you can set it up via the application itself or of the interface screen wallpapers.

Download application of Activity Bubbles on Android.

App third and final Screen Stopwatch

It seems that the timer runs continuously during the use your phone as a description as a cause for concern, but with the application Screen Stopwatch it’s different, and it may be very useful to you, it is similar to the idea of the previous app, through his presentation of the background of the neighborhood know you use your phone at the current time, which provides you with a number accurate of the time you spend on your phone every day.

When your phone is closed, it is off many, but every time you unlock it, you’ll get a constant reminder of the ticking from your home screen would encourage you to put it and do something productive.

Download app Screen Stopwatch on Android.

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