Google leak their own image Pixel 4

It was published by Google on Wednesday, a tweet via the account Made by Google attached a photo with her phone it smartphone associated with the (Pixel 4) Pixel 4, so while the increased leaks relating to the phone, which is expected to be announced in the month of October/ October next.

Came the official photo phone (Pixel 4) after that spread during the past few days, images imagine a phone with the design of the mg of the Google Phones series (Pixel) VI.

He wrote an account Made by Google in his tweet: “well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go! Wait till you see what he can do”. In the attached picture, showing the back of the phone (Pixel 4) which contains the Google logo at the bottom, in the upper left corner show the cameras the background within the system of square shape.

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Unlike phones (pixels) of the former, it seems that Google has decided to offer more than the rear camera in the (4 pixel), which shows two cameras, in addition to the sensor third, and a light flash.

Referred to to phones (pixels) of the Google integration is not very confidential, since leaks every thing about them before the official announcement, until that phone last year (Pixel 3 x-L) sale in the Ukrainian market of Black, published about videos revealed all the specifications prior to advertisement.

This year, it is anticipated that the learning Google for a phone are: (pixel 4 XL), and(4 pixel), which will be the difference between them – as previous years – in size and some other specifications. It is rumored that the (Pixel 4 X Il) will present a screen without the bump, instead of that, you will return Google to the traditional design of smart phones with the edge of the top of the petition containing the accounts to assess the authentication system similar to the system (Vista I. D.) Face ID your Apple company.

It is also rumored that Google intends to support the technical (project sole) Project Soli in phones (pixels) for the year 2019, especially that the company had got the beginning of the current year on regulatory approval in the United States to use the technique which are used to transfer the electromagnetic waves to control devices by hand gestures without notice.

And Google has confirmed that the next generation of her assistant digital will be called with the phones (4 pixel).


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