Google learn now that the sale of facial-recognition technology to other parties

Google Company

Developed companies such as Google, a variety of high-tech technologies. As is the case with the hammer or the knife, can’t always use these tools for positive, and that is why I have decided to Google Inc. to stop selling facial recognition technology own other companies.

In a publication on its official website on the internet, spoken to the police about how the use of technology and artificial intelligence technology to recognize faces in the medical field and in many other areas, but admitted also that he is using these technologies for the purposes of offensive and harmful to you, which is why the company stated that they will no longer sell its technology to other parties.

According to Google, it has stated by saying : ” however, like many technologies with multiple uses, using face recognition technology to follow minutes to ensure the frequency of their use with our principles and our values and to avoid misuse, the results harmful. Continue to work with several institutions to achieve these challenges and addressed, unlike some other companies, selected Google Cloud not to provide private APIs to identify faces before working on the questions and policies are important “.

IT company Google has been under a lot of criticism in the past when it turns out they signed a contract with the US Department of Defense to help the latter to use the technology of artificial intelligence to identify potential targets of drones. Since then, the company promised to Google not to use the technology of artificial intelligence in combat systems, and has also stated it will not renew its contracts with the Ministry of Defense.


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