Google: Legal News Fake in Singapore may hurt innovation

The company said Google: the legal news fake which was passed by Singapore Parliament may hamper innovation, in which the state is seeking civil for its implementation under its plans to expand the technology industry.

Parliament of Singapore the law on protection from mistakes, and manipulation via the internet, it is legal to criticize human rights groups, technology companies; due to the risk of the possibility of using it to suppress freedom of expression.

Comes the adoption of the law at the time of making Singapore the financial center – the efforts to put itself as a regional hub for Innovation, Digital, Google explained that the law may hamper these efforts.

He said the technology giant: “we remain concerned that this law will hurt innovation, and the growth of the ecosystem of digital information, how to implement this law are still vague, we are committed to working with policy-makers in this process.”

The Act requires the home media over the internet, such as Google and Facebook, make a correction, or remove content that the government deemed to be incorrect, with the imposition of sanctions on the perpetrators of these crimes, up to 10 years imprisonment, or fines up to one million Singapore dollars (735 thousand US dollars).

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The minister of Justice said: the law will not affect the freedom of expression, and Singapore: it’s likely news to counterfeit because of its position as a global financial centre, and the inhabitants of its different religious, ethnic, and access to the internet on a large scale.

Explained that Facebook is concerned about aspects of the new law, which prevents the regulatory authorities in Singapore wide powers; to force it to remove content that they see as wrong, and to send notices and government users.

Said Simon Milner Simon Milner, vice president of the company Facebook policy in the Asia-Pacific region: if Facebook hopes to lead the statements of the ministry, reassuring approach to a suitable and thoughtful, in practice.

Strained relationship between Facebook and Singapore late last year, when the company refused to delete the publication of an article on the internet about the banks of the state, the state fund of Malaysia 1MDB, which the government said: it’s against the false, malicious.

And trans activists about the concern of the law granted the government the authority to report the fact that the articles published on the internet, true or false, said Phil Robertson, Phil Robertson, from human Rights Watch, said in a statement: “Singapore has introduced a law would have the effect of terrifying freedom of the internet throughout South East Asia.”

The authorities issue instructions to the rules of practice for technology companies, which request them to take action against accounts, not reliable, and used in malicious activities, among other measures.

And government has had with technology companies around the law, including the parliamentary hearing conducted by the past year, Twitter has said: she hoped to take the government of Singapore in recognition of the points that we have raised through the consultation process that we had, and those recommendations can be reflected in the instructions to the rules of practice, particularly the effects on freedom of expression”.

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