Google Lens are now available to everyone on the iOS platform through the Google Photos

Google Lens

About a week ago, Google issued the Google Lens users Google Photos on Android platform. In the case if you are concerned of the possibility that this feature is exclusive to Android users, we are here with the experience and will keep your concerns, this news is that the company Google has now begun the issuance of Google Lens users Google Photos on iOS platform also. And the launch will be in stages, but Google expect to be this feature available to all users by next week.

In case you haven’t heard about the Google Lens before, they serve as an extension of the Google search engine they differ only by the contents of the images. For example, with Google Lens, you can create a contact using a photo of a business card or get more information about the history of the famous I took the picture of him, because the Google Lens understand what you’re looking for, download and make the most of it. You will be able to this feature soon to learn more about the animals and plants, what this means is that this feature will be able to know the types of different plants, for example but not limited to.

To access the Google Lens in the Google Photos, users only need to open the image and clicking on the camera icon Square in the toolbar below the image. It takes about seconds to upload it and then show the results.



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