Google Lens gets a new batch of features


Google is now issuing feature smart choice for text and Instant Search for Google Lens. As for smart choice of the texts, they are related to the text face the camera towards him to give you more context and information. As for the Instant Search feature, they are working to identify the elements that face the camera towards her to teach you to Google search engine results relevant to those elements in addition to elements similar.

Come all fields with minor changes to the level design to develop Google Lens. They bring with them the option of clicking on the items list of text. Among the other features that have been released for the Google Lens find some of the capabilities of augmented reality in real-time. For example, you can direct the camera to the info is common and immediately get information about his.

Concerning the property of EN Shopping for an item and shows you similar items you purchased. Users will get features Google Lens new gradually, so you may need to wait for some time before that gets your phone to experience the Google Lens improved.



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