Google Lens have the ability to learn about a million element


Google Lens is a feature in cameras of smartphones based on artificial intelligence can identify the elements that can see it. The launch of this feature for the first time in the last year on Google Photos as part of the digital assistant Google Assistant. At that time, Google Lens able to identify about 250 thousand element. However, it has been revealed to us by Google today that Google Lens can now identify over a million element. And the launch of an improved version of this feature on the platform Android and iOS last week, and brought water to the users of iOS through the Google App.

Can now feature Google Lens learn more than million item thanks to training engine OCR to read more of the labels of products. With Google Lens can identify the texts, and therefore identify more products by putting names on their duties.

As he seized engine OCR data from the images taken by smartphones to increase the reliability of water. Although the million item looks impressive, but it includes some restrictions, which are items available through Google Shopping. This means that the water may encounter a problem in the identification of elements is not known.

However, it is still a million element number is huge, so is likely to be I have Google Lens something to show to the user when looking for more information about something that raises his interest.


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