Google Lens that comes on all Android smartphones

In the past nearly a month ago, Google I/O 2019, the search giant demonstrated a new feature to its potentially very useful Google apps Lens, but for this to innovations introduced in the app itself and they could start using ordinary people, it took almost three weeks. So, last Tuesday the emergence of new functions has been noticed by users for the first time, and this week, as it became known, the update will be able to try everything.

Adding new filter modes in Google Lens is accompanied by a slight change in the camera interface. At the bottom of the screen now is a carousel of five icons for the five modes, including the default always set to “Auto”. Next to it are already known to earlier regimes “Shopping” and “Text” as well as new modes of “Dining” and “Translate”, announced at the previously mentioned Google I/O.

Why you need these regimes to Google Lens

Mode “Translate”. the direct translation when you point the camera at the text. Google Lens able to automatically detect the language and impose the translation directly on top of the original words into more than 100 languages.

The Mode “Text”. Text surrounds us on all sides. This mode allows you to copy text from the real world (e.g., recipes, gift card codes or passwords from Wi-Fi) and save it to your phone.

The “Auto” Mode. The app will automatically give relevant results depending on what induced the camera.

The Mode Of “Shopping”. By selecting this mode, point the camera at the clothes, furniture or interior items to see similar things online and buy them. You can also use the camera to scan the barcode to find the net this particular subject.

Mode Is “Dining”. The app automatically highlights the most popular dishes in directly in the physical menu. Clicking on a dish, you can see what it looks like in reality and what people are talking about him, with pictures and reviews from Google Maps. At the end of their meal, you can point the camera at the bill to calculate the tip and/or split the bill.

When new features become available in Google Lens

ARCore is definitely necessary on Android, as Google points out, its popularity is only growing and now the users have made Google Lens already more than one billion requests. At Google I/O, the company also introduced a new, more rounded icons for the Google app Lens, and the ability to narrow the search, crop the image.

On Android Google Lens available in the wizard, Photos and more third-party apps to cameras. According to Google, the changes will apply to all devices running Android and iOS, starting today, and will be fully available later this week.

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