Google lifts ban on some ads digital currencies in the United States and Japan

قوقل ترفع الحظر عن بعض إعلانات العملات الرقمية في الولايات المتحدة واليابان
I’ve had both Facebook and Google it blocks ads and digital in March last, and their Twitter and Snapchat shortly after, the company said four-this step within the context of an updated ads in the midst of maintaining the consumer and in case of their scam operations.

Has Google banned the ads last June to protect the consumer from any potential harm justified it on the tongue, director of Product Management in the company Scott Spencer, who said back then they don’t have a magic ball to see the future of this currency encrypted, but the company considers that they pose harm to the consumer and providing you to handle with extreme caution.

In contrast, after about six months of total ban by Google on this type of advertising and of private trade, the company decided today to allow the return of some of those ads, but within the procedures of the organization in both the United States and Japan, and this step after the establishment of Facebook to mitigate the extent of the ban on advertising and trading of electronic currency in June last.

Will be a new policy to allow the promotion and advertising for the trading of digital currencies under implementation in October, while staying all of the job offers the initial (ICOs) and the governor storage of crypto-currencies as well as tips business process flow under the ban.

Despite that the policy of the new ads will be in all parts of the world but ads and encrypted will appear in the current time, only the United States and Japan, and for such declarations to apply for a license to view the article in the country concerned separately.

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