Google listening to users of Android even in his sleep

Google is watching us, and there’s no escape. The company captures our movements, search queries, and even our conversations with others or with ourselves. It would seem that this such, even if the data is not trivialized, according to Google, and fall on the analysis to the experts of the company stating the name and address of residence? But as it turned out, not everyone is ready to accept the fact that their whole personal life can become the property of strangers.

Recently on the portal Reddit, a discussion concerning the activities of Google’s collection of user data. Many of the participants were horrified when they found out how much information about them and their personal life has the search giant. Most users were surprised that their Android smartphone can record them, regardless of their faith. Usually this happens when Google Assistant accepts a word user for the team activation.

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However, it happens sometimes that your smartphone probably started to record without any commands at all. At least, some claim that heard on recordings of his sniffles or a sleepy voice, uttering perfect nonsense. Obviously, it was all the records that Google Assistant conducted while users were sleeping. However, sometimes it happens that the smartphone recorded the conversation with the doctor, with management, with his wife and do what exactly record was not be.

What Google knows about me

“I used to think that I have nothing to hide. But then I remembered how we usually communicate with his wife. Sometimes we pretend to hold radical views or simply fighting with each other. To my horror the record of several such cases were stored in my Google account. I can’t imagine what it would be if these recordings were used against me, for example, in court, and even without context,” says one user.

How to remove voice command Google Assistant

You can also listen to all your conversations ever recorded Google Assistant. This can be done in the management section of your Google profile. Records are stored in the tab “History voice control”, which becomes available from the menu “Data, and personalization”. Here you will find everything that was recorded by the assistant and if necessary will be able to delete this information, and then restrict to save them. Heard anything interesting? Let us know in the comments or our Telegram chat.

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