Google Live Search Engine Submission images in the form of a new

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Google Live Search Engine Submission images in the form of a new

Google Live Search Engine Submission images in the form of a new

Jumped Google with us and a new leap in the search engine own photos, after that I know were in the last hours of a new update in the form and manner of the work of search engine images .

The changes include additional application Lens Google (Lens) to the image, and to clarify the classification of images, the width of the dead Dutch his own, the owner of the rights, if any, will also appear card “featured videos” new results of operating automatically for some search queries.

Change the most in Google Images is the additional application of justice to explore the images that appear in search queries by using artificial intelligence techniques, by clicking on the image of the lens, you can find out more details about the image and location information such as place of purchase or other extended information that may be of interest to you .

New update link also to the web version of the search (devices desktop) with a circular design nice rankings pictures, easy photo sharing and new to the picture group in question.

Note that the emergence of the application of the lens is connected only by sea to mobile, and he would send successive waves everyone over the next few weeks .

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