Google made Chrome for Android is really convenient. Finally

The company Google is experiencing a new interface the address bar in Chrome for Android devices, journalists learned 9To5Google, examining the innovations of the beta version of mobile web browser. Basically all the changes that needs to bring on future update, centered around the Omnibox (smart address bar), adding new elements that simplify the process surf the web and interact with the tabs.

The main innovation in the updated Chrome is that now clicking on a search string automatically releases it for a new request instead of allocating a valid URL. Thus, developers expect to increase the consistency of the web browser, thus facilitating it for the uninformed users, many of whom often don’t know what to make a new request can be directly selected address without having to delete it.

How to insert the address in Chrome new

In addition, the developers have added to Chrome’s advanced tools for interacting with the already open tab. For example, now in the Omnibox appeared keys to copy and paste. They will displace the practice of engaging in side effects like long hold your finger on the search bar to bring up the menu with the keys of copying and pasting, whereby – again – to simplify the use of web browser for novice and inexperienced users.

If you can’t wait to try out the mentioned innovations now, you can do this by installing on the device Chrome Dev or Chrome Canary for Android. They already include those functions that only have to appear in the commercial version of the web browser. After the installation of prerelease builds, please go to the “flags”, and then find and activate the following add-on: chrome: // flags / # enable-search-ready-to-omnibox.

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