Google make it difficult for sites to monitor the incognito in Google Chrome

Google Chrome

One of the main reasons behind the embed Incognito ” Incognito Mode ” in Google Chrome in allow users to browse the web in particular, are not keeping their information by the browser, and will not be sharing certain identifying information about the user with the web sites. This is done by logged out users from their accounts on Facebook, Google, etc.

Unfortunately, still can web sites to find out if you are using incognito ” Incognito Mode ” which leads in some cases to ban users from browsing certain sites, and that’s what the aim was not to create this feature in the original. However, this is about to change because he’s been monitoring a group of commitments that have been made to Gerrit Chromium, which are obligations that hopes through Google to make it harder for websites to find out what if the user browses the site using incognito.

What you’re going to Google to do is that in the future when the user browses the site on the site in Incognito and when the site requests the file system, will Google Chrome create one by default using the RAM for your computer. This means that when you leave the address hidden, it will be deleted. which ensures you get your ” meeting ” new in every time you use incognito.

For the arrival of this feature, it is expected to come up with version 74 of the Google Chrome browser, but will users must be activated manually, but is likely to be automatically activated for all users in the next versions of the browser.


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