Google makes platform virtual reality Daydream VR supports all Android apps

daydream vr

Agree company Google to move forward in promoting more for the virtual reality Daydream VR. The company announced now it has added the ability to open any Android application for smartphones on the helmets Daydream VR. This will allow users to open their apps and games favorite in virtual reality.

The company describes Google this new feature as ” experimental ” and intended to be tested by the developers. This feature enables helmets Daydream VR open a Android apps smartphone in virtual reality. Thus will be opened to apps and games for smart phones and in reality platform the virtual.

Will the users of these applications on the screen of the virtual large when they are opened on a helmet Daydream VR. They will be able to control applications using actual controllers of the helmet. This will allow developers to provide basic support at least for the Daydream VR without the need to develop user interfaces to develop new their.

The company Google that the Chrome used fact of two-dimensional current Chrome Browser Sync settings, and more to provide the experience of browsing the Daydream-rich water. The company Google that the Android apps in virtual reality will be available for all developers in the near future. It remains to see when this feature will be available to all users.


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