Google Maps add a feature to display most popular dishes in restaurants

Announced Google on Thursday announced the launch of a new update service maps affiliate brings with it a feature that allows users to know more dishes favored in restaurants before reached.

The company said in a publication on her blog: “when you are trying to experience a new restaurant, you know you Google Maps already how to get there, photos, comments, and ratings. But while browsing the menu, you may wonder about the tastier the that restaurant food”.

The Google Maps service has now become easier for the users to choose the more meals the restaurant is popular, and so on through the artificial intelligence technology, which retracted the comments and evaluations of visitors to the former, in addition to the pictures which you publish about.

It is indicated that restaurants that get a few reviews will not benefit from this extension, since it depends completely on the ratings of the visitors.

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Google said: the diners will be able to assist by capturing photos of their, and upload them to Google Maps. Then will the app add the name of the dish to help improve this new feature.

The company explained that the proposals of the new meals will appear within the tab “overview” Overview in the Maps application. And when you find a favorite dish, the user can click on it to see all the reviews related to it, and you can also click on the tab menu to see the meals as popular, or as Times of day: breakfast, or lunch, or dinner.

Although this feature is not of great importance, but useful for Google Maps, which has sought in recent months to become more powerful platform for businesses. Last fall, I started in challenge to Facebook using the tools allow consumers to track the business activities of their favorite to stay informed of sales, events, and other information that is shared by the employer. As last year began publishing suggestions to custom in a new tab as the “content you care about” For You, where the application recommends places that the user may want to visit, eat, shopping, and more.

It is suggested that this feature is available as of today to all users of the Google Maps application on the Android operating system, is set to launch for iOS users in the coming months.


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